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About us

Our origins lie in our many years of experience in producing high quality animal feeds.

Dr. Alder animal feeds was established by Manfred Alder in the early 1970s in Heinsberg, Germany, where the original premises are still used today to blend dry feeds.

We have been producing delicious animal feeds in tubs and cans since 2013 — and in sausage form since 2017 — at our highly modern facilities in a renovated meat factory on the outskirts of Naumburg.

We supply our products to specialist retailers and independent grocers in over 30 countries worldwide, who have specific demands in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Our highly experienced team of experts takes pride in developing and producing high quality animal feeds tailored specifically to our customers.

At Dr. Alder, we adhere to the same standards as used in human food production. We work to a verified HACCP Codex standard.

We are also certified organic in accordance with the DE-ÖKO-007 standard. This means that we produce our well balanced organic dog and cat food under the most stringent regulations and testing procedures.