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We’ll produce whatever you like, as long as it's top quality! After all, healthy food is just as important for animals as it is for humans. Which is why we follow the same hygiene standards that are used in the production of food for humans. This means that we process our raw ingredients according to the HACCP principles.

  • No reformed meat
  • No bone meal
  • No protein substitutes
  • No attractants
  • No preservatives
  • No added cereals
  • No artificial colourings
  • No sugar


Quality is no accident. Our industry professionals select raw ingredients from reliable producers and suppliers and process them with utmost care according to the latest standards in our modern facilities. Founded in 2009, our Nutritional Council, made up of feed and nutritional scientists, veterinarians, R&D experts and other highly engaged specialists, takes on the challenge of guaranteeing the continuous improvement of all our ingredients and recipes.


We believe that sustainability is the fundamental obligation of our society. With this core belief as our guiding principle, we pride ourselves in supplying quality organic raw ingredients from the local region, with low mileage and a low carbon footprint. Our packaging is thoughtfully selected and offers an excellent ratio of recycled materials. The packaging is produced using environmentally sound energy sources that are continuously updated based on the latest standards.

Healthy, well balanced feeds with a high level of acceptance
This what we firmly stand for at Dr. Alder pet foods

Our mission

Every single supplier, service provider and employee is motivated to always do their best and to spread the quality products we have crafted together far and wide for our customers. As a team, we think of what we achieve as a promise to you, because your success is our mission!