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Support and advice — speedy, passionate, reliable

As a competent adviser in high quality pet food products, we provide you with everything you need to develop and appropriately position your own brand.

  • We work with you to analyse the market and help you to position your own products appropriately within the market
  • We provide advice during the development of your product range and design of your packaging On request, we will also work with our experienced service providers to create labelling and packaging designs
  • We work with you to develop nutritional concepts for your product with the appropriate look and feel
  • On your behalf, we manufacture the finished products in our ultra-modern facility based on your exclusive recipes, taking into account the latest research as well as results from intensive veterinary tests carried out on all the raw ingredients

Together we decide on the entire fulfilment chain, from stocking our warehouse and securing short lead times to ordering via EDI and delivering within your designated time slot.